All Shock Therapy classes require our proprietary EMS power suit and signature undergarments. The power suit is included with the price of your class or series. You may rent or purchase your undergarments directly from Shock Therapy. We’ll supply you with free undergarments for your first class.



Intro Class

Want a thorough introduction to Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
and Shock Therapy? Sign up for our 40-minute Intro Class for the reduced class rate of $30. We’ll take the first 10 minutes to explain the benefits of EMS and
how it works. 



Our Classes

The First-time clients, we recommend you purchase a Triple Welcome Pack
series at a significantly reduced rate. The Triple Welcome Pack can be applied
to most Shock Therapy classes: Intro, Metabolism or Strength.


Triple Welcome Pack expires 30 days after purchase, 5 Classes expires 30 days after purchase,
 10 Classe expires 60 days after purchase.

Special Offers

The first time you buy a 20-class package,
you will receive a free set of Shock Therapy’s signature undergarments required to workout. 


20 Classes expires 90 days after purchase.


VIP Package

Includes free undergarment rental ($100 value for 20 classes) Includes early access registration for classes (one day earlier than other clients)  Includes amino acids before class and recovery vitamins after class + 1 bottle of water


VIP Package expires 90 days after purchase.


Private sessions are available upon request. Please contact us

Undergarment Price: We’ll supply you with free undergarments for your first class.
After that, Shock Therapy clients must purchase or rent our organic viscose-elastane blend t-shirt and leggings, worn beneath the power suit.

Undergarment Rental: $5
Undergarment Purchase: $35


Please check out our FAQ and Terms & Conditions page. Don't see an answer to your question? 
Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns.

Classes are subject to 4.5% NYC sales tax.